Feb 18, 2012

0 Isaac Hayes - You're In My Arms Again lyrics

Alone again, at last again
Please let love have its way
Don?t let the waiting, anticipating
Be all in vain
Be good to me ?cause I?m gonna be
As good as I can be to you

Baby, oh baby, I need you
I swear I do
No other women can love me
Oh, like you do

You?re the best thing
That ever happened to this man
And I?m gonna keep on loving you
Just as long as I can
I love you, I love you

One night alone is too long alone
When one?s been loved by you
It?s so good to touch
When I?ve missed so much
This thrills been long overdue

The love you give is the reason I live
You?re food to this hungry, so are mine
If satisfaction was money
I?d be the worlds richest man
?Cause you give me such good lovin?
Just as much as I can stand

When we?re together
If it?s a hundred years from today
Through sunshine and stormy weather
You?ll still hear me say
I love you, I love you

You?re in my arms again
Where you should have been
You?re in my arms again
Where you should have been

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